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18 -8-17 Belrose Chemist Triples

John Danieli, Geoff Rogers & Dave Marshall
Herb Smith & Rody Manning, Friday, 18 August 2017

Belrose Chemist Triples 

We made a bold attempt to hold our monthly Belrose Chemist Triples today, but only partially succeeded. By popular consensus, we cancelled the 2nd game due to the high winds . . . the strongest in living memory in the opinion of our regulars. Overheard was the comment that you don’t have to be mad or deranged to play bowls in these conditions, but it is certainly desirable, and a great help! In fact, it was a fun afternoon . . . one we will long remember. 

Score Sheet

Bob Leonard

Wind Swept

Richard Wise, Graham Hartmann & Chris Webber (2)

Ron Piper

Steve and Peter

John Danieli, Geoff Rogers & Dave Marshall

Jenny Palmer, Elizabeth Blackwell & David Blackwell (2)