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Tony Taylor Wins Club Major Singles 2017

TT Wins Club Major Singles 2017
Photograph:Peter Muir
Peter Muir, Sunday, 7 May 2017

Similar to last year the weather was a delight for our Blue Ribbon event. A clear blue sky and a very light south wester with a nip, early in the day. James Brown (Brownie)  and Tony Taylor (TT) were welcomed onto the 16 second green by marker and Club President Andy Little. 

Brownie was first off the mark with a single. However TT won the next five ends taking the score to 8 - 1. Brownie snatched another single while TT picked up eight. The score following 10 ends was favoring TT 16 - 2. The 30 to 40 spectators were wondering if the game was done and dusted.

TT had been playing medium length and then chose to go T to T. This was the break Brownie was looking for as he won the end then kept that length. Brownie picked up 12 shots over the next eight ends grinding his way back to be 5 shots behind 19 - 14 with 18 ends completed.

It was a see saw affair after that, then with the score 27 - 20 to TT. Brownie with a rush of blood drove at TT's shot bowl and took his own to drop two. However on the following end Brownie drew two, TT's best effort saw his bowl find the narrowest of gaps and Brownie drew another thereby picking up a valuable three. 

However on the next, another rush of blood to clear TT's shot. We saw the weighted shot not only clear TT bowl but his own as well. Leaving Tony to hold with his third. At this stage TT lead 30 - 23.

Brownie had not given up the ghost as he fought back picking up two singles then a two and on 32 ends completed TT lead 30 - 27. 

On the following end Brownie drew within a foot of the jack, however TT countered with a toucher. Both players drew close however Brownie could not dislodge TT. When the marker confirmed Tony was holding on the last he wisely choose to put it in his pocket.

Well done Tony Taylor, Club Major Singles Champion 2017.

TT & Brownie

TT & Andy at Presentation

TT Brownie & Andy