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Great Northern Brewing Co. Graded Fours

Craw James Stu & Mick Winners Graded Fours
Photograph:Sean Crowe Maxwell
Peter Muir, Monday, 3 April 2017

The team of Mick James, Stuart Murray, James Murphy and Crawford Linton (skip) were winners of the Great Northern Brewing Co. Open Graded Fours Tournament for 2017. An overall prize pool approaching $2000 was up for grabs.

Numbers were down on expectations however the rotten weather has taken its toll on bowls over the last month. Fortunately play was only interrupted on a few occasions today and the tournament saw the four scheduled rounds completed.

However those in first place won their 4 games, the only team to do so. They scored 8 points overall with a margin of 30. Well done guys a great result.

The runners up were Ian Reed, David Downs, Dan Malone and Ral Lewis (skip) a combined team from North Sydney and Willoughby Park.  With 3 wins and a draw  on 7 points with a 12 shot margin.

Third place was a team skipped by Ross Stevens of Harbord. Fourth place was the team skipped by Greg Growden of North Sydney. Fifth place went to Phil Lewis of Roseville, great to see a team from the Roseville Rollers. In Sixth place was Graham Hartmann of Belrose.  There was also a wine draw for two teams.

Its always good for the organisers to see that all games were fairly close. Obviously there were a couple of exceptions but the grading system was fair for all.

Eleven Bowling Clubs were represented in the tournament, we thank all participants.  As Club organiser Herbert Henry said to me this afternoon and l quote "I sensed a happy atmosphere. The foreigners love our greens, and there is a camaraderie among the bowlers from the various clubs which makes it satisfying to be involved".

Many thanks to you to Herb Smith for your outstanding work in bringing the event together. Not forgetting our sponsor GREAT NORTHERN BREWING COMPANY, the Umpires and B-B-Q team. Your work behind the scene is so important to the running of such an event. A great days bowling was had by all and we hope to see you back bigger brighter better next year.

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Graham Max Steven & Doug 6th

Phil Bob Ian & John 5th

Ron Phil Vinko & Greg 4th

Ross Peter Ian & Bryan 3rd

Ral Dan David & Ian 2nd

Great Northern Brewing Co.