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TGIF - Jackpot Pairs 24Mar17

Patricia & Wilson Tan TGIF Jackpot Pairs 24Mar17
Photograph:Rody Manning
Rody Manning, Friday, 24 March 2017

There was a very good roll up for bowls today with only one rain interruption.

The Pool Jackpot reached the magic amount of $300 with a draw being held until the cash is won.

The lucky player drawn with an opportunity to win the cash with his fellow rink players was Doug Murphy. However Doug was unable to draw out his rink number and had to settle for winning bottle of wine vouchers.

There was a further 10 lucky players drawn but none were able to draw their rink number to win the cash. At last Wilson Tan was successful and won the $300 which was shared with fellow rink players of Patricia Tan, Ross Terranova, Doug Murphy, Max Turnbull and John Cosentino. Sorry guys you need to stick around if we are to grab a photo, never mind always another day.

Thanks to Bryan Page and Alec Keech for arranging the teams and the games. Also thanks to our President Andy for helping run the afternoon and to the "worlds best raffle seller" Geoff Godfrey.

Next Friday the 31st March will be the usual Jackpot Pairs. Remember you dont have to win at bowls to be a cash winner, simply be there. Everyone more that welcome to come along for a relaxed afternoon of bowls.